Iraqi Dinar Guru

There are many rubbish rumors that get posted around, they seem to derive from people that either are 1) trying to get some ad traffic to make a living. 2) get you to buy from currency sites online or to get you to click on their ads to make ad revenue. What most people fail…

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Iraqi Dinar News the rundown for 2013

If you have been tracking Iraqi Dinar, then you probably know that the currency hasn’t been reevaluated, but the currency is currently going up in value, rather than the constant devaluation that has been happening. Although it still has not been reevaluated, it is looking like it will be sometime in the near future, so…

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What’s all this talk about Iraqi Dinar Revaluation?

Iraqi Dinar is currently the currency of Iraq. This currency is issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, but has becomes useless because of inflation. This currency was introduced to the public in 1932 in place on the Indian Rupee. When the Iraqi Dinar was first introduced it was valued as 1 dinar = 11…

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